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Name: Jeff and Abby Hunt

Married: 2 December 2006

Jeff's Birthday: 23 January

Abby's Birthday: 26 September

Elizabeth (Beth) Tumelo’s Birthday: 17 August

Jordan Mohau’s Birthday: 14 August

Mission Field: South Africa

Length of Term: Life

Arrival in South Africa: 9 November 2009

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Jeff & Abby Hunt

Our Calling
...the overlooked and hurting children of Africa

Our Passion ...South African children who are affected, damaged, neglected, infected, abandoned, orphaned, and dying as a result of the AIDS pandemic sweeping the country. They break our hearts, and they stir us to action. And yet, as 2 Corinthians 5:14 claims, it is “God’s love and passion for them that compels us and convinces us not to give up” until we see South Africa’s children living life to the full ...for as long as it lasts.

Our Location ...Rustenburg, the fastest growing city in South Africa, is located in one of the wealthiest valleys in Africa producing more than 75% of the world’s platinum. However, it is home to some of the poorest people -many of whom live in small shacks in informal settlements because they cannot afford or do not qualify for proper housing.
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Jeff, Abby, Beth, and Jordan

Our Goals
  • To see Hope Church in Freedom Park established, known, thriving, and making a tangible impact on the people and community of Freedom Park spiritually, physically, and socially. It is our vision to see 3 different preaching points, one in each of the main areas of the community, so that people will have a solid, Bible-preaching, life-giving, discipling church in easy walking distance no matter where they live. It is also our vision to see one or more of these preaching points established on land that has been designated specifically for us so that we can build a church building that can also be used as a community centre, after school drop-in centre, and soup kitchen.
  • To continue to train local leaders in children’s ministry skills so that children throughout out area can be discipled on an ongoing basis.
  • To continue to provide evangelistic outreaches for kids in partnership with local churches that have leaders who have been trained in and are passionate about children’s discipleship. We have seen that evangelism without discipleship leads to confusion and sets new believers up for deception and failure. We believe that Jesus called us, in Matthew 28:19-20, to preach the Gospel and also disciple people to know Him and the Truth. If we are not able to personally continue the discipleship process, it is our responsibility to partner with others who can.
  • To help others discover their own calling and gifts through an internship program that allows people the opportunity to spend an extended time “doing life” in missions with us and Engage Africa. When interns leave us, we want them to leave with a piece of our hearts and a love for South Africa, but more importantly, with confidence that they have heard from God and a clearer picture of the unique way He is calling and leading each of them.
  • To have a ministry base, owned by Engage Africa, on which we can have a children’s shelter (short-term care for kids in crisis); clustered foster homes (forever families consisting of 6-8 kids being raised in a family situation rather than a shelter or institution) for older children who need a more permanent placement; a children’s ministry resource center with curriculum and object lesson lending libraries as well as practical work space, equipment, supplies, and training or brainstorming areas; and, eventually, a women’s shelter. Our current working name is Hope Ministry Centre.
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Prayer Needs

  • Continued spiritual and numeric growth at Hope Church
  • Favor as we work with the Municipality to obtain a piece of property for Hope Church
  • Direction for the future of Hope Church and future ministry center - Hope Ministry Center
  • An influx of funds to be able to purchase land for Hope Ministry Center
  • Continued opportunities to work with local Children’s Ministries in the areas of training and outreach
  • That God would continue to connect us with Godly young people that want to come and work with us on the mission field
  • To be given a greater insight into understanding of the African culture to which we minister.
  • Continued Health and safety for our family and team

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Reaching a Generation is all about creating a movement in South Africa to see the lives of children, youth and families touched with a message of True Hope. is a Christian Sports T-Shirt Company. (Mention Engage Africa and our website and Engage Africa receives a percentage of the sale.)

Calvary Church is our home church. They are making a difference in the lives of the people living in the Springfield, IL area. There goal is that all would experience life to the full in Jesus Christ.

Jackson's Ridge is busy changing children's lives through children's ministry training, kid's camps, providing ministry materials and supplies.

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Children's Ministries Agency is an Assemblies of God ministry whose mission is to equip, connect, and resource leaders.

The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online -- all in the language or translation of your choice.

SA Cares for Life is a Christian NGO that is passionate about creating opportunities for change and giving hope to orphans, vulnerable children, women in pregnancy related crises, and families in need.

Touch Community looks beyond the physical needs of the women and child. Our aim is to include the provision of emotional, spiritual and social needs of the family we care for.

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