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Our internship program is designed to give young adults an extended experience in missions. Generally, during a short-term missions trip, a person gets a very condensed, high-energy, super-focussed look into one area of the host missionary's ministry. This is often enough to wet someone's appetite for adventure, or even provide an opportunity for someone to experience a call of God for further emersion in vocational ministry or missions. However, this micro view of ministry is not a true picture of life on the missionfield. A true picture of life on the field requires a longer experience.

An internship with Engage Africa gives young adults a chance to spend anywhere from 6 weeks to a year with Jeff and Abby Hunt in South Africa. Our internship can be tailored to maximize the participant's existing skills, interests, or areas of desired growth,
but all interns have the opportunity to simply experience life on the mission field with the Hunts. They participate in all the various areas of work and ministry in which Jeff and Abby are involved.

We love to facilitate experiences in which young people can further explore God's unfolding plan for their lives. Often the process of choosing to be removed from "normal comfort zone" and experiencing life and ministry in a separate country, climate, and culture opens someone's heart to hear God's voice in a new and powerful way.

If you would like more information, or have specific questions, about an internship with Engage Africa, please feel free to email us at ObscureMyEmail.

EA Interns - Coming Soon

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Kenosha, WI
June 2024

Kenosha, WI
June 2024

Bucks County, PA
June 2024

EA Interns - Current

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Rustenburg, SA
January 2018 -

EA Interns - Past

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Ashton - Kenosha, WI

Jordan - Springfield, IL

Kristin - Springfield, IL

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Junior - Lichtenburg, SA

Sarah - Bowling Green, OH

Jesse - Springfield, IL

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Meagan - St. Louis, MO

Alison - East Tawas, MI

Hope - Green Bay, WI

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Carley - Roseville, MN

Jessica - San Jose, CA

Katelyn - Springfield, MO
June 2016

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Rejoice - Rustenburg, SA

Lindsey - National City, MI

Elijah - Springfield, IL

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Barb - Quincy, IL
2016 / 2017 / 2023

Parker - Green Bay, WI

Kyle - Green Bay, WI

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Rachel - Kenosha, WI

Aubrey - Kenosha, WI