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Hope Church is a community of people following Jesus Christ as we live life together. We come from different backgrounds but we are now unified in the family of God. The church was founded by a small number of community members in Freedom Park, South Africa and Jeff and Abby Hunt. Our first service was held on Easter Sunday 2011. It was a time of remembering Christ's death and celebrating the new life of our fellowship. We meet at Tapologo Clinic in Freedom Park on Sunday afternoons. We offer adult and children's services. We are a small group of people looking to make a big impact in our community.

Freedom Park is a challenging place to live with an abundance of AIDS, poverty, hunger, crime, disease, and spiritual influences. Steeped in generations of African culture, many community members "believe" in God yet still seek the advice, council, and intervention of witch doctors and ancestral spirits. It is only through the Holy Spirit that people will experience the true power of the Most High God. It is only through an encounter with God that people's lives will be changed -both here on Earth and for eternity. And, it is only through consistent discipleship that people will be able to develop a true relationship with their Creator and Savior who loves them and desires to know and be known by them. This relationship is the only foundation strong enough on which to build a life free from the strongholds that hold so many people captive. This is why we are here.

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Hope Church Christmas Parties

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