Hope Church Christmas Party 2014

Our 2014 Christmas party was another wonderful success! We just love Christmas time! We love the way the kids’ eyes light up with wonder, expectation, and gratitude. We love the way the adults all pitch in and help each other and care for the community. We love that “full” feeling as everyone who calls Hope Church “home” comes together at the same time, and invites friends from the community. We love the way all of you jump in and work together to help us pull together all the resources needed to give fun and practical gifts to our Hope Church family.

This year, we planned for 300 meals and gifts for children, and 75 meals and gifts for adults. Our actual attendance was a little lower than that, but still filled to the brim and very exciting. We served about 250 kids and about 125 adults. This gave us an opportunity to allow some of our members to play “Father Christmas” in the community and deliver food and gifts to neighbors and community members that they knew had specific needs. What a great way for Hope Church to make an impact on families that may never have thought about attending church before. We love the way God provides and opens doors.

Please enjoy these photos from our Hope Church Christmas Party 2014!
For those of you who were a part of making this party possible, THANK YOU!!
For those of you who are just getting to know EA or were not able to be a part in the past, feel free to join our FaceBook group or check out our projects or partnership pages on this website for more information about how you can join the Engage Africa team and be a part of engaging the children of South Africa in life to the full, for as long as it lasts.