Hope Church Christmas Party 2012

Our second annual Hope Church Christmas Party was a lot of fun! There were about 165 kids and about 25 adults in attendance. The excitement level was high as we sang songs and ate lunch. The kids (well, most of them) got Happy Meals from McDonalds and the adults (and a few extra kids) ate chicken from KFC. As the adults continued their Christmas worship service, the children reviewed the story of Jesus' birth and heard the story of Saint Nicholas, who loved and honored God his whole life and inspired our traditions of Santa Claus. Then it was time for gift-giving!! I hope you'll take a few moments to check out the photos. Your gifts to our kids and families were a BIG hit! The adults received big buckets of food -some practical and some fun and frivolous. When they saw the buckets, they broke out into a spontaneous, grateful song and dance- moving around the buckets and using them as drums! The kids received stockings (well, we had more kids than we expected, so the babies and toddlers got extra sweets and 150 kids got stockings -it worked perfectly with no complaints) filled with lots of nice things. Each of the stockings held a beanie baby, school supplies, sweets, and toys. Several kids stopped to check out the contents right away, and they were SO excited!

We cannot thank you enough for helping to make this such a special Christmas for our precious friends in Freedom Park!! Together, we were such a blessing to them at a time of year that does not always carry reasons to celebrate in this community.
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Hope Church Christmas Party 2012
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We want to thank all of you who made donations to make this event happen. Because of you we were able to tangibly impact the lives of over 160 kids and 25 adults in Freedom Park.